OF Course is a highly collaborative and cross functional class taught by a mix of media and
technical experts with backgrounds in art, music, computer science, mathematics, and architecture. Students are engaged in a highly multi sensory environment and given a great deal of freedom to explore their own interests within the strictures of an otherwise traditional classroom.


Full Day Project workshop


Unity for Game Design

How to build your own world? This is Unity3D, a tool allows you to build everything.   Read more >>


August 27, 2016


Wearable Technology

Making things move… by the hundreds and thousands. This class is designed to help you easily start making gif art using javaScript.    Read more >>


September 3, 2016


Animation by Code

Making things move… by the hundreds and thousands. Applying the basics of physics and geometry to particle systems to observe emergent movements and behaviors.   Read more >>


September 10, 2016